World Series Odds 2017 Revisited

Back on August 31st, 2017 I made a World Series prediction and although I left out 3 teams (sorry Diamondbacks, Rockies and Twins), but I did get every other team right. I am even hitting .500 with my final prediction, The Los Angeles Dodgers won the NL pennant and are in the 2017 World Series! Where I went wrong, and some can call it a hometown bias, is that my AL pick, the Boston Red Sox did not, but why?

Well, for starters, team Ace Chris Sale simply looked like he ran out of gas in game 1 against the Astros. He looked like he pitched too many innings. He did; however, show signs of life again out of the bullpen later in the series. Other factors were injury related like mid-season acquisition utility player Eduardo Nunez, who was a spark plug down the stretch, came back too early from his knee injury as he couldn’t even make it to 1B on his first at bat in game 1. Then there was Pedroia who looked like a shell of himself offensively hitting under .200 and the rest of the offense wasn’t much better. What they needed was an offensive shot in the arm which is why they cannot afford to finish SO low in the league in HR’s like they did this year! Should be an interesting off season to say the least.

What else did I get wrong? Well, I’m not sure who, outside of Yankee Nation would have predicted the impressive performance of this young Yankees team led by Rookie of the Year & MVP candidate Aaron Judge!

I also underestimated the hunger and drive of the Astros, not to mention the midnight deal that happened after I wrote this article that brought ALCS MVP Justin “Mr. Upton” Verlander … I kid, but out of jealousy … I wish the Red Sox were able to land Verlander and thought that with Dave Dombrowski at the helm they, if anyone, would have the best chance to pry him away from the Tigers! AND, being only 5′ 6″ myself, I embarrassingly under estimated Astros 2B extraordinaire, Jose Altuve as well … how clutch was he in the post-season so far?!?!

As to the Dodgers, well I got that one right so there is no need to say much else there!

The 2017 MLB World Series should be one exciting game as both teams have a great mix of youth and veterans and I would be extremely disappointing if either team sweeps as I think this will be a 7 game nail biter that is too close to call, but for Astros bench coach and 2018 Boston Red Sox manager, Alex Cora, I hope the Astros prevail!

Plus, it would be great for the city of Houston after the devastation at the hands of hurricane Harvey!!

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