Brewers Go Three Decades without Gold Glove

The Rawlings Gold Glove Awards, or simply called the “Gold Glove” is an annual big event in the world of baseball. Every year, major league baseball players are recognized for their individual fielding performance in both the American League and National League based on the votes of managers and coaches.

Despite having Zach Davies as the one and only finalist from the Milwaukee Brewers for this year’s Gold Glove Awards, the team still did not manage to get a Golden Glove. This adds another year to their three-decade-long stint of not winning the famous golden baseball glove since 1982.

Even though Davies is not the first to come up in the list of finalists for the award, he has the statistics to prove that he is a great defensive player on the field. Accordingly, he did not make any batting mistakes for this season with turning in 12 putouts and 36 assists, leading to an astounding 1.000 fielding percentage. The other two finalists for the pitcher position were Zack Greinke and R.A. Dickey who has proven in their years that they have a better range and opportunities than Davies.

In between 1970 to 1982, the Brewers were able to receive nine Gold Gloves, the last being given to Robin Yount for the shortstop position in 1982. According to statistics in 2012, the team is placed on the list of top four teams that did not receive any Gold Glove since 2007. Followed by the Marlins with 7 years and receiving the last Gold Glove in 2005, it is still astounding how the Brewers played for every season in three decades without getting a single award.

Still, having Davies nominated for a Gold Glove this year has much to say. Fans can only expect that this three-decade-long “drought” for the team can end as the team is focused on becoming stronger.

Who were the 2017 Gold Glove Winners?

Announced last November 7, the Brewers once again did not get a Gold Glove despite having a nomination. This was the 5th season that the SABR Defensive Index has been used in selecting the winners for the Rawlings Gold Glove award. The SABR accounts for almost 25 percent of the selection process which is then added to the votes of coaches and managers.

For the American League, Martin Maldonado of Los Angeles Angels for catcher (1st  time), Eric Hosmer of Kansas City Royals for first baseman (4th  time), Brian Dozier of Minnesota Twins for second baseman (1st time), Evan Longoria of Tampa Bay Rays for third baseman (3rd  time), Andrelton Simmons of Los Angeles Angels for shortstop (3rd  time), Alex Gordon of Kansas City Royals for left field (5th  time), Byron Buxton of Minnesota Twins for center field (1st  time), Mookie Betts of Boston Red Sox for right field (2nd time), and Marcus Stroman of Toronto Blue Jays for pitcher (1st time).

The winners for the National League are Tucker Barnhart of Cincinnati Reds for catcher (1st  time), Paul Goldschmidt of Arizona Diamond backs for first baseman (3rd  time), DJ LeMahieu of Colorado Rockies for second baseman (2nd  time), Nolan Arenado of Colorado Rockies for third baseman (5th time), Brandon Crawford of San Francisco Giants for shortstop (3rd time), Marcell Ozuna of Miami Marlins for left field (1st  time), Ender Inciarte of Atlanta Braves for center field (2nd  time), Jason Heyward of Chicago Cubs for right field (5th  time), and Zack Greinke of Arizona Diamondbacks for pitcher (4th time).

What’s the Future for the Brewers?

Much like in 2016, the Brewers were focused on rebuilding their team for this year. Before breaking for the offseason, Brewers manager Craig Counsell announced that there are great expectations awaiting the team for 2018. Closing off the season, baseball enthusiasts can only wait what the future holds for this team.

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