The 411 on Baseball Prospectus’ Top 20 Prospects: #’s 11-20

The following list of players are from Baseball Prospectus’ top 101 prospects that have already joined the MLB club: ranked # 34 – Wade Davis SP with the Rays,  # 49 – Austin Jackson OF with the Tigers, # 57 – Scott Sizemore 2B with the Tigers, # 58 – Josh Reddick OF recently called up with the Red Sox due to injury, # 59 – Mike Leake SP of the Reds, # 69 – Reid Brignac SS of the Rays, # 87 – Ike Davis 1B recently called up by the Mets. If I have missed anyone please let me know and I will add them to this list!

We will first go through players ranked by BP # 11-20, then next week we will look at players ranked 1-10. The stats below around the slashes for batter are as follows BA/R/HR/RBI/BB/SO/SB/OBP/G while for pitchers it will be W/L/ERA/GS/CG/IP/BB/SO.

20 – Michael Taylor OF with the Athletics is batting .246/9/1/8/6/12/3/.317/15 so far in AAA, but with the way Beane manages the team he will probably trade a player on the current A’s roster & make room for Taylor by default. On any other team, he’d need to ratchet up the numbers a bit in order to legitimize a call up before September when the rosters expand.

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19 – Alcides Escobar SS with the Brewers is currently the starting SS with the Brewers and it looks like he’s there to stay seeing they traded JJ Hardy in the off season.

18 – Brian Matusz LHP with the Orioles is currently in the starting rotation with the Orioles. He is one of the building blocks GM Andy MacPhail is counting on to get this proud franchise back to its winning ways.

17 – Justin Smoak 1B with the Rangers just got the call to join the big club after last night’s game against the Red Sox. If he does well, Chris Davis will probably be on the trading block.

16 – Kyle Drabek RHP with the Blue Jays is not getting off to a good start in AA as his line looks like this so far: 2/1/5.17/3/0/15.2/9/13, but I expect that his ERA will drop. Without Halladay in Toronto, their rotation is now very young and if he can improve upon his walk to strikeout ratio he might get a look in 2010 especially if there becomes a need.

15 – Martin Perez LHP with the Rangers if either Colby Lewis and/or Matt Harrison falter, it could pave the way for Dave Holland and Perez to fill in those shoes. So far in AA he has this line 0/0/2.08/2/0/8.2/4/8 which isn’t great, but it isn’t bad either. I’d like to see a larger sample size before making a call on this one long term.

14 – Ryan Westmoreland OF with the Red Sox recently had brain surgery and is currently in rehab. It is unknown whether he’ll be able to even play baseball again…let’s pray that he does!

13 – Jeremy Hellickson RHP with the Rays with Andy Sonnanstine in the bullpen I would be hard pressed to see him with the Rays at all this year even though he’s off to a great start in AAA with a 3/0/1.42/3/0/19.0/3/21 line. If he can keep up those numbers he might just force the Rays hands to make a mid-season deal to fill any gaps they might have. He may just be ready now (like Wade Davis).

12 – Dustin Ackley OF/2B with the Mariners and is currently struggling in AA at the moment hitting only .173/7/0/2/7/8/.283/13. His only chance at making this team is as an infielder if Lopez falters at 3B and they move Figgins back there, but for that to happen he needs to up his average about 100 points or you can forget about it until 2011 at the earliest. As things stand now, I wouldn’t even call him up in September.

11 – Chris Carter 1B with the Athletics is batting .283/8/2/8/2/15/0/.321/13 so far in AAA and if Daric Barton goes on the Dl at any time this season I’m sure you’ll see him on the A’s unless these numbers dip below this threshold. On any other team these numbers probably wouldn’t validate a pre-September call-up.

As of this writing, the top 10, surprisingly don’t have as many players already in the bigs as this list already has (3/10), but it might by the time I write it!

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