Nine Innings/Questions on the 2016 Reds

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This is a series of articles where I ask fellow bloggers from the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) 9 innings worth of questions about their team. The goal is to do this for as many teams as possible (all 30 would be ideal) a few times a season. This one is a pre-All Star edition, then a post-All Star edition, another down the stretch (towards the end of the season) and then either a playoffs edition or off season edition or both!

So, without further ado …

  1. How are the Red’s offseason acquisitions working out so far? Any concerns?

The acquisitions the Reds made were young guys for the rebuild, most of whom have not debuted yet.  We won’t know this answer for years.


  1. Who has been the most disappointing player so far this season? Will they improve as the season goes on?

Well, nobody’s been real good so far.  Since expectations were so low, it’s hard to say anyone’s a disappointment, either.



  1. Who has been the most surprising player so far this season? Can they sustain this pace?

Well, Adam Duvall is doing pretty well so far.  Ask again in September.

[graphiq id=”2MoohQUGUCx” title=”Adam Duvall” width=”600″ height=”503″ url=”” link=”” link_text=”Adam Duvall | PointAfter” ]


  1. What top prospects might we see before the All Star break (What type of player are they: 5 tool player, speedster, defensive, power hitter, etc.)? What will be their impact on the team?


The Reds have a number of prospects likely to debut sometime this season, mostly waiting to avoid Super 2 status.  Jose Peraza will either be next year’s second baseman after Brandon Phillips’ contract is up, or could take over shortstop this year after Zack Cozart is traded.  Robert Stephenson, a young fireballer, will be in the rotation soon.  He’s already made two successful spot starts.  Cody Reed has a  similar story without the spot starts.  Those with more of a September timetable would be OF Jesse Winker and LHP Amir Garrett.


  1. What top prospects are currently being blocked by current players on the big club? Will this make them trade bait, will they switch positions or will the vet eventually be traded?

The contracts of Brandon Phillips and Jay Bruce are up at the end of the season.  Then, no one will be in the way.  Sooner, if a trade can be made.

[graphiq id=”b1oKnBPfLHD” title=”Brandon Phillips” width=”600″ height=”503″ url=”” link=”” link_text=”Brandon Phillips | PointAfter” ]


  1. What is the team lacking that either wasn’t addressed in the offseason or the offseason acquisition isn’t cutting it?

A bullpen would have been nice, but the pieces for 2017’s bullpen are already in house.



  1. Are they better or worse off now than they were at the end of last season?


The team is worse.  Hopefully that means things will be better in 2017, or perhaps 2018.


  1. What is your predicted outcome for the team this season? Why?


The Reds will be fortunate to avoid 100 losses.  A successful season might be getting the first draft pick in 2017.


  1. What players need to go (traded, released, etc.) & why?

Most of the current bullpen.  Phillips, Bruce, and Zack Cozart are all trade bait.  None will be back in 2017.

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