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Baseball Reflections: Where Old School Baseball Meets Sabermetrics

By Peter Schiller

Welcome to my Baseball Blog! It is my hope & intention to provide a site that is factual, analytical, yet still fun and entertaining. I will be posting periodic trivia, the latest goings on in Major League Baseball (MLB ), introspective articles on the game both on & off the field as well as fun facts.

8-4-2, Part 1

League Divisional Series (LDS)

No, this is not the scoring of a double play! It’s the number of teams per round of the 2007 MLB Post-Season play.

What an exciting time to be a baseball fan! The Colorado Rockies and the San Diego Padres played a grueling 13 inning instant classic Monday night. Who would have thought that Peavy would cough up 6 runs or that the all-time saves leader, Trevor Hoffman would issue a blown save in the 13th, suffer the loss & then there was the phantom play at the plate (I still have yet to see a good view of this play)? Each team went into that game with a record of 89 and 73 after completing 162 games of the regular season. The pitching match-up was the Padre’s Ace and possible NL Cy Young candidate Jake Peavy (19-6), while Colorado went with their forth starter, Josh Fogg (10-9). On the pitching match-up alone, I would have gone with the Padres on this one, but how much will Peavy’s start have hurt them going into the National League Divisional Series (NLDS) with the Phillies?

The NL match up as follows:

Arizona Diamondbacks (90-72) at Chase Field facing off against the Chicago Cubs (85-77) who haven’t won a World Series in 99 years!

Philadelphia Phillies (89-73) at Citizens Bank Park facing off against the Colorado Rockies (89-73).

The AL match up as follows:

Boston Red Sox (96-66) at Fenway Park facing off against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (94-68)

Cleveland Indians (96-66) at Jacobs Field facing off against the New York Yankees (94-68)

Here’s a hint at some of the topics that I will attempt to take on in the duration of this blog:

  • To DH, or not to DH? That is the question!
  • Pitch Counts: Are they getting in the way of young arms reaching their potential or are they extending their careers?
  • Do fans really dig the long ball or does everyone love a good pitcher’s duel?
  • Should potential Hall of Fame (HoF) candidates get in on just their defensive ability or is the Hall becoming a Hitter’s Haven?

I would also like to offer to answer one Baseball question per week (submissions from the readers of this Blog are necessary for the continuance of this feature). Feel free to submit questions by clicking by clicking Here & I will select one of these submissions to answer per week. If I get enough entries (tell all of your friends to participate!), and if time permits, I will dedicate a whole post (periodically) to Q & A! So don’t feel shy, reply! 🙂 Who knows, your question might just be one of the ones selected.


  1. Pete's Rose's Mom

    October 12, 2007 at 11:29 pm

    Hey guys! I like this a lot. Found it unique, interesting, informative, and humorous. Way to go! I’d be interested in learning more about the managers of the 8 teams who made it into the playoffs. How do they compare with one another? What does it take to become a mgr let alone a good mgr? Peter, can you address these and other questions about this subject sometime? Meanwhile, enjoy the game tonight!

  2. Nathan

    October 13, 2007 at 10:06 pm


    Great job on the blog, looking forward to more. I have to agree with you on you analysis of the Colorado/Philladelphia series. Not to take anything away from Colorado and their pitching staff but the Phillies offense is really to blame. Carlos Ruiz cannot lead you team in batting when you have 3 potential MVP canidates in Rollins/Howard/Utley. Anyway, while I certainly was disappointed, I will remember the 2007 season for their relentless, rollercoaster persuit of the Mets. Ultimatley leading to the Mets implosion and of course the Phillies first division crown since 1993( I was in the 6 grade). What a season it was. I agree with you that the Phillies most pressing need is starting pitching, and Curt Schilling still holds a place in many Philadelphians hearts but I think their pitching staff could use a bit more youth, possibly Dontrelle Willis or the White Sox’s John Garland. I can’t imagine they will sign Rowand with the season he had he will most likely want a contract similar to that of Eric Bynes of Arizona. Also, Michael Bourne and Shane Victorino bring more youthful, inexpensive options, leaving Gillick with more money to spend on pitching.

    Looking forward to your comments on pitch counts.(Totally overrated in my opinion, but I will save my comments until I hear yours). Have fun and Go SOX!

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