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Pro Maple Composite Wood Hybrid L180 Bat by AXE: A Review

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This year I used the L180 Pro Maple Composite wood AXE bat in my league’s wood bat games (a third of our games – hopefully more in 2019). In previous years I have used a Mattingly V-grip Ash and Maple bats, and Akadema Ash and even a ProXR ergonomic bat that also has an axe-like handle. What is different about this bat than all of the rest is that it is lighter, the handle, to me, is just a bit more comfortable than the ProXR (which is also a good bat and better for you than a traditional bat handle). This combination allows me to get the barrel through the strike zone quicker and with far less vibration when hitting either close to the hands or at the end of the bat, both of which will happen eventually. With it I have hit safely in every game I have used it thus far.

I have to admit, I have used an earlier version of this bat in a charity game (they were donated) I played in with my son (then 12). We both used them over the bats I had brought to the game myself and I have been anxious to get my hands on one ever since. In previous years, I would notice a significant drop in my production when using a traditional wood bat, but again, I feel that with the increased bat speed gained by using the L180 I feel as though I have bridged that gap better than in years past with other bats.

I’d say I learned how to hold a bat better and increase my bat speed by using the V-grips, but my wood bat of choice would be the Pro Maple Composite wood Hybrid L180 by AXE Bats.

These last two sections come straight from

Who is it for? – The high school, college, and adult baseball players who want the feel and feedback of hitting with wood either in training or competitive play but with a reduced risk of breakage.


The Hard Maple Composite is the only bat of its kind made from a single billet of pro-grade, hard maple. Better, it’s the only bat built to support the mechanics of your swing. Our patented Axe handle has been scientifically proven to aid performance and reduce the risk of common hand injuries associated with the baseball swing. Experience more comfort and better bat control. Transfer power more efficiently. Achieve maximum bat speed.

With the Hard Maple Composite, you get an authentic wood feel, but with a reduced risk of breakage. Our composite foam handle features a rubberized coating for a secure grip and is reinforced to the barrel with a carbon-fiber connector at the bat’s highest stress point.

Led by All Star Mookie Betts (RF of the Boston Red Sox and the front runner for the 2018 AL MVP Award), many of the world’s best players are swinging wood bats with Axe handles daily. Not to mention Red Sox Super Utility player Brock Holt who used Betts’ bat when he hit for the cycle in the 2018 ALDS against the Yankees in Yankee Stadium and 2017 World Series MVP George Springer!

Here’s a cool video about the axe handle concept:

Product Details (which can be bought here and remember Christmas is just around the corner for all of your baseball players in need of a wood bat for the 2019 season):

  • Barrel made from a single billet of pro-grade, hard maple
  • Composite foam handle with rubberized coating provides secure grip while also reducing weight, vibration, and breakage
  • Carbon connector for improved durability reinforces the construction at its highest stress point
  • Patented Axe handle for better grip stability, more efficient power transfer, maximum bat speed, and reduced hand fatigue
  • BBCOR-certified, 2-5/8″ barrel
  • 120-day warranty

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