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“Pete’s Rose” & Pete

 My name is Peter Schiller. I’ve been fascinated with sports, especially baseball, ever   since I can remember. I grew up playing street ball day in and day out after school. My   understanding of baseball has been influenced by two books: The Science of Hitting by  Ted Williams and John Underwood and Moneyball by Michael Lewis. I can’t get enough of the game: the stats, the analysis, the personalities and the human elements that separate it from every other sport. In this blog, I hope to share my unique perspective with other fans of the game.

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By day, I work in the corporate world. At all other times I am a devoted husband to my wife Mishael and to our 6 children ages 18 to 30, but most have moved out on their own by now. With 8 in our family, we were only 1 shy of being able to field a team ourselves! This blog comes about as a result of many people encouraging me to write online and publish my baseball knowledge.

Where will it lead? Keep coming back and we’ll find out. . .

Peter, the owner of Baseball Reflections, can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]

If you want to hear more from her, please send us some comments and I’ll make sure she reads them!
My wife writes under the heading of Pete’s Rose. She is inspired most by the excitement of a pennant chase and post-season play so she may remain dormant during most of the season.

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