Keys to Game 5 of the ALCS

By Peter Schiller

Boston Red Sox

  • Beckett needs to pitch like Mr. October (He’s done that so far in this post season)
  • Need to get the human spark plug, Jacoby Ellsbury into the game to create some excitement like he did for most of September! He can steal bases, keeping them out of possible double plays
  • For that matter, Lugo & Crisp need to do the same
  • Everyone outside of batters 3-4-5 have to contribute to the cause
  • NO more big INNINGS!
  • Avoid the double play ball. The Sox have hit into 8 in this series alone & of those 8, 5 were with RISP*. Because of this, the Sox have only scored 8 runs off of their 6 HR’s*
  • They need to hit better than .206 with RISP* 
  • The bullpen needs to be better than Cleveland’s

Cleveland Indians

  • Keep up the great defense
  • They need a better outing from Sabathia than they got in game 1 or is he too tired with a high total of innings pitched in 2007 to date. Does he have any more left in his tank? If not, the Tribe is in trouble if they get past the Red Sox
  • keep up the timely hitting they’ve displayed so far in this series, hitting .333 with RISP*
  • keep up their AL lead in fewest DP’s hit into which thus far has led to 16 runs from their 7 HR’s*
  • They need to score off Betancourt if he gets into the game!
  • Overall, keep doing what they’ve been doing!

Quick 2007 ALCS Facts:

  • The Indians have a 2007 ALCS BABIP of .340 while the Red Sox have a 2007 ALCS BABIP of only .284*; this is low for the typically patient Red Sox batters & unusually high for the free swinging Indians.
  • The Red Sox pitchers have a strikeout to innings ratio of 10.5 K/9 which is stereotypical of Boston’s staff against the free swinging Indians. This typically would hinder a hitting team like the Indians due to the lack of putting balls in play, yet the Indians have overcome this (see their team BABIP)*

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