3 Nights in August -vs.- Moneyball

In the Buzz Bussinger book, “3 Nights in August”, the author provides his take on the book by Michael Lewis called, “Moneyball”. To give you a little insight, Bussinger worked on his book with current St. Louis Cardinals Manager Tony LaRussa (who previously managed the Oakland A’s and the Chicago White Sox), while Lewis worked with current Oakland Athletics General Manager Billy Beane. 

A quick observation lends me to ask the following question, is this better looked upon as LaRussa –vs.- Beane? I don’t think so, but it would have made a juicier story (pun not intended)! Why you may ask? LaRussa left the A’s after the 1995 season to manage the Cardinals starting in 1996 and Beane did not become the GM of the A’s until the 1997 season. So, that ends that debate before it even starts, that is, unless someone out there knows of any ill-will between these two men from when Beane played under LaRussa. If anyone out there knows of such feelings, please comment below & I’ll add it below as an update to this post! 

To sum up, Bussinger shows either a lack of trust with Moneyball (a link to this book can be found on the right sidebar of this site) or else he just has a distaste for it. More proof of this can be found in the Epilogue and Postscript where he speaks to this more so than in the book itself. There he goes into the events that followed those three nights in August of 2003, right on up to spring training of 2005. 

**If anyone wishes to discuss the book in more detail, please make use of the comments section for this post and I’ll gladly reply.**

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