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This week’s Links Exchange shout out goes to a fellow reader of Baseball Reflections and one of the many blogs that cover The New York Mets, The ‘Ropolitans.

Andrew Vazzano is a print journalism major at Quinnipiac University, and has been blogging the Mets since July of 2006 and he has commented here on Baseball Reflections on a number of occasions.

Also writing for The ‘Ropolitans is Joe Mak. Sorry, but I have no further info on Joe, but I will be glad to update this page if he or Andrew contacts me. J

To check out The ‘Ropolitans on , click HERE , or on , click HERE .

If you haven’t already noticed the links and clicked on them by now, but still want to read what all the hype is over at The ‘Ropolitans , just click HERE .

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  1. Andrew Vazzano

    June 5, 2008 at 1:26 pm

    Why thank you kind sir!

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