Week 11’s Top 10 MLB Hitters

Grady Sizemore

Grady’s Ladies must be proud of their guy (that’s Indian’s CF Grady Sizemore, not Grady Little) after this past week’s performance as he topped this week’s list of Top 10 MLB hitters for week 11. On second though, I think that his being on top of this list is probably icing on the cake as far as these ladies are concerned. They love him no matter what! But with 8 runs scored, 5 HRs, 9 RBIs, and a stolen base done while hitting for a BA over .300 with an OBP close to .400, I’m sure Indian’s manager Eric Wedge is quite fond of Grady, too.

The Yankee’s 3B Alex Rodriguez finally find his way onto this leader board but was barely held off the top spot by Sizemore. A-Rod had 10 RBIs while hitting .462 with an OBP of .588.

Remaining on his June hot streak is Boston’s RF J.D. Drew with 4 more homers and 10 runs scored this week, hitting .348 with an OBP of .500 in the absent slot of David Ortiz (DL).

Back on this list is after a long absence is Diamondbacks 3B Mark Reynolds who had 4 homers of his own this week with 9 RBIs and runs scored.

The next two guys on this list are named Ryan. The first is the 1B of the Phillies (Howard) while the other is the C of the Pirates (Doumit). Howard knocked in 13 RBIs AND had a stolen base while Doumit found his stroke after a short drought upon returning from the DL. Doumit had 4 homers while hitting over .400 in both BA and OBP.

Rounding out the top 10 hitters from this past week are the Met’s CF Carlos Beltran, the Twin’s DH Jason Kubel, KC OF Jose Guillen and Cardinals OF Ryan Ludwick.

You can see all 10 player’s stats that I used for this ordering below. Date range is always Monday to Sunday of every week.


Player Team Pos R HR RBI SB Avg OB% Totals
Grady Sizemore CLE OF 8 5 9 1 .310 .394 23.704
Alex Rodriguez NYY 3B 9 3 10 0 .462 .588 23.050
J.D. Drew BOS OF 10 4 8 0 .348 .500 22.848
Mark Reynolds ARZ 3B 9 4 9 0 .333 .412 22.745
Ryan Howard PHI 1B 5 2 13 1 .300 .382 21.682
Ryan Doumit PIT C 8 4 7 0 .400 .483 19.883
Carlos Beltran NYM OF 7 2 8 1 .333 .429 18.762
Jason Kubel MIN DH 7 4 7 0 .357 .400 18.757
Jose Guillen KC OF 7 2 8 0 .471 .457 17.928
Ryan Ludwick STL OF 7 2 8 0 .310 .375 17.685

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