League Divisional Series Update

Over the weekend, we saw the Dodgers send the favored Cubs home packing after playing the minimum. This is the perfect time for them to get hot and they’re on fire right now! I thought that Red Sox fans had it tough with their 86 year drought, but I was wrong. I feel for Cub fans everywhere. Here’s a peek into the thoughts of Cub fans everywhere I would think.

Meanwhile, it looks as if overworking CC Sabathia finally caught up to the Brewers this weekend as he didn’t even last 4 complete innings this weekend. I wonder how former Brewer’s manager Ned Yost is feeling today? After non being in the playoffs since 1982, the team formerly owned by Commissioner Bud Selig have been eliminated in the first round by the Phillies. Will Robin Yount be their manager in 2009? To hear the outcry from Milwaukee, please check out Brewers Bar who have an easy going approach to the end of their team’s playoff push as written HERE and Brew Crew Ball was pretty laid back, too; check it out HERE .

Both NL Central teams are out if it early!

Both the White Sox and the Angels have stayed alive for one more game as both teams won their game 3’s against the Rays and the Red Sox. I still think that the ALCS will be an AL East rematch for the pennant between the Red Sox and the Rays. It should be a great series. The Sox should win tonight with Lester going against Lackey, but the Rays might have to go to 5 with Sonnanstine going against Floyd this afternoon. We’ll just have to wait and see…

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