5th Inning – Rays

The commentators are saying that Beckett is pitching in pain and is taking some extra time warming up before the start of this half inning.

C Navarro ropes a single to RF.

PH Ben Zobrist is hitting for RF Gabe Gross. Count is 1-2 then Zobrist pops out to CF and is now 0-3 this post season.

SS Jason Bartlett is up with Navarro on first. Navarro has become a leader on this team this year and is thrown out at 2B on what must have been a hit and run. The pitch was high and inside (a breaking ball) which left Navarro high and dry at second. He is the first player of the Rays caught stealing in this post season. He was also 0-4 in steals the regular season. Barlett ties the game with just his 2nd HR of the season on a hanging curveball from Beckett. It was hit feet inside the foul pole in LF and Beckett’s 7th HR allowed in this off season! Wow! Something must be physically wrong with him given his prior dominance in October baseball!

The score is now 2-2!

2B Iwamura grounds out sharply to 3B. 3 outs.

Boston RP Hideki Okajima had been warming up in Boston’s bullpen during most of that inning. That 15 minute delay might have worked in Shields’ favor and hurt Beckett.

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