Bottom of the 8th

New pitcher for Boston is rookie and former starting pitcher Justin Masterson.

SS Jason Bartlett is leading off the 8th down 4-2. He was hit by a pitch again. No outs, man on first.

2B Iwamura is 0-3 tonight. Masterson looks a bit nervous up there right now, but Varitek, with a 1-0 count goes out to speak with him. The count is now 2-0 and pitching coach John Farrell checks in with their young pitcher and he then throws strike 1. Then a slider for strike 2. The count is now 2-2. Masterson strikes him out swinging! 1 out.

CF B.J. Upton is now up and they have to be careful with him the way he’s been swinging the bat in this series, but he swings at a pitcher’s pitch for strike one and the count is now 0-2. Upton has fouled off the next two pitches to stay alive. Then pops out to 2B Pedroia for the second out.

1B Carlos Pena is now up with 2 outs and Bartlett on first. He pops up to SS Lowrie in short RF (they play Pena in one of those shifts). 3 outs.

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