Top of the 4th Inning

Darrell Cousins, the home plate umpire has left the game due to injury. If there was ever a time for Ques Tec, now might have been one of those times.

I wonder if this delay will affect James Shields who isn’t pitching as dominant as he was earlier in this series.

This is ridiculously long! I feel bad for Shields who has thrown 68 pitches after 3 innings.

Tim McClullen will take over behind the plate. He was there during game 1 of this series. He just needs to put on his plate umpiring padding (mask, chest protector, etc.).

Left field will be without its own umpire for the rest of this game.

SS Jed Lowrie is now up after a 15 minute delay and flies out to the black hole that is CF thanks to BJ Upton.

C Varitek is now up and grounds out 3 to 1 for the second out.

Crisp rips a single into RF for another 2-out hit for the Sox on Shields’ 80th pitch.

2B Pedroia is up with Crisp on 1B. Pedroia strikes out swinging for the last out of the inning.

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