Free Agents and Possible Trade Bait

Thanks to Tim Dierkes and Co. at MLB Trade Rumors, here’s a few links for those of you who love Hot Stove Baseball talk!

Here’s a link to the list of Type A and B Free Agents via ESPN and Keith Law.

Here’s a link to the latest rumors regarding the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies. Should they keep Burrell, and if not, who should be his replacement? Reunite Manny Ramirez with Charlie Manual? Go after Matt Holliday? Or how about Ken Griffey Jr.?

Here’s a link to the latest rumors regarding the Boston Red Sox. Do they keep Varitek? What do they do with SS Lugo and CF Crisp? Should Masterson start or stay in relief (a question the Yankees are trying to decide upon with Joba Chamberlin); and what does Masterson prefer?

These are some of the rumors buzzing around the Chicago Cubs organization. They are eying pitchers and, of course, 2B Brian Roberts of Baltimore once again. I, for one, hope that a deal for Roberts goes through! If for no other reason as to stop hearing about the possibilities, it’s getting tired already.

MLB Trade Rumors listed the latest today from Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. Does anyone see a team giving Lofton a job at his age after not playing at all in 2008? And why did he not play in 2008, he could have helped some team in a platoon role if not full time (if you ask me)?

Last, but not least, here’s the latest Jake Peavy rumors. As you may already know, he does NOT want to pitch in the AL. Does he like to hit that much or is he affraid to pitc in the AL? Share with me your thoughts on this issue!

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  1. Payday Loans Bones

    January 21, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    I enjoy the offseason almost as much as I enjoy the regular season. I love watching the players move to new teams and wondering about teams outlooks for next year.

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