Friday Night Links

This evenings edition of Friday Night Links will coincide with a site update. First, we have a few new writers to introduce to you all, bringing us closer to covering every major league team.

piratesFirst up, in no particular order, are the guys from MVN‘s Pirate Revolution, mainly Cory Hume. Anything from the MVN (Most Valuable Network) is worth reading if you ask me and Pirate Revolution definitely falls under that category so please check them out!

kansas_city_royals_logoAnother MVN site that is now teaming up with us once a month is Royals Authority‘s Clark Fosler. Please check out Clark and his partner Craig Brown at Royals Authority.

nationalsNext up we have Willy Yoder who will be reflecting on Adam Dunn and the Washington Nationals on a monthly basis for us. Willy comes to us from his site The Nats Blog which I encourage you to check out just as soon as you can.

los_angeles_angels_of_anaheim_logoWe will also be getting anywhere from 1 to 4 teams covered from the guys over at Gear Up For Sports in the coming weeks. The Angels will be one of them and hopefully 1 to 3 others. We shall see. Be on the look out for these guys. Gear Up For Sports also covers Basketball and Football, too.

We are also waiting to hear back from bloggers who cover the A’s, Marlins, and Padres, too. So stay tuned…

More Site Updates

Over the course of the next few days, Baseball Reflections will be switching over to a more professional and a more user-friendly look (also known as a theme). During the next few days I will be tweaking the site to conform it to it’s (hopefully) final state.

During that time, things might look a little odd or sloppy so please forgive us during this time where the site is under construction. I have found that I work best if I can immediately see the changes while the site is live. I apologize for any trouble that any of you might experience during the site’s facelift.

I think you all will be pleased with the final product! Thank you for your patience.

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  1. Ibne Hanif

    May 9, 2009 at 6:41 am

    I don’t know how the play baseball but i think it is similar to cricket. Wich is my favourite game.

    You have a nice blog.
    Wish u all the best.

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