Akadema® Unveils The Patriot Series

ID4baseball Happy Independence Day!

Seeing that Baseball is our national past time, I am thrilled to endorse Akadema® Professional: A leading baseball and softball equipment based out of Hawthorne, NJ! They make the gloves that players such as the Phillies CF Shane Victorino, the Dodgers LF Manny Ramirez, and Team USA Softball P Monica Abbott (just to name a few). They even are endorsed by a few Hall of Famersin C Gary Carter, P Bob Feller and LF/1B Carl Yastrzemski.

I write to you, my faithful readers, today with a belated announcement:  Akadema® unveiled a new line of gloves back in April called The Patriot Series and here is a description of the series right from their press release.

The Patriot Series, which will be hand-made in the United States by American craftsmen. While an increasing number of companies are manufacturing product outside the United States, Akadema is committed to bringing business back to America, and providing high quality U.S. made products.

USA102 hi-resThe seven-glove Patriot Series caters to eight out of the nine positions on the field and is hand-made with black precision-kip leather mended with gray lacing for eye-catching aesthetics and true ‘Made In the USA’ appeal.  Each glove also features the Akadema logo patch customized in red, white and blue along with an official “Made In USA” patch to truly authenticate the American craftsmanship.

“It is only fitting that players of America’s pastime can enjoy a high quality product made right here in the U.S.,” said Lawrence Gilligan, Akadema President.  “We take great deal of pride in the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every Patriot Series product.”

AkademaLogoThe new Akadema line will be handmade in the Company’s Hawthorne-NJ headquarters. Suggested retail price for Patriot Series gloves is $249.99.

I personally use an Akadema® glove, an 11.5″ Funnel Series infielder’s glove (but more on that at a later date), so I a can personally speak about the quality of the gloves that Akadema® produces. So if you are thinking about purchasing a seriious new glove this baseball season and you want it to be “Made in America”, please consider buying one of the gloves in the Patriot Series.

You can see more from them by visiting their website at www.akademapro.com*

*As of the time of this writing, Baseball Reflections.com does not earn a commission for the sale of any Akadema® gloves, bats, etc. We are fans of the product and wish to promote domestic spending on products made in the US, especially in this difficult economy.

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