Updates From The Winter Meetings: 2 Days In

First and foremost, how can these meeting be called the “winter” meetings when winter does NOT officially begin until December 21st?!

OK, now that I got that off my chest let’s look around at the early news two days into these meetings.

Free Agent Signings

C — Pudge Rodriguez signs a two year deal with the Washington Nationals. Who reading this is thinking of Pudge as mentor to probable # 1 draft pick C Bryce Harper? Me, too!

SP — Brad Penny signs a one year deal with the St. Louis Cardinals.

SS — Adam Everett re-signs with the Detroit Tigers on a one year deal.

Deals Almost Done

3B — Chone Figgins on a possible three year deal with the Seattle Mariners seemingly pending Beltre‘s decision on arbitration. He has declined it, so this deal may be announced shortly.

SP — Randy Wolf looks to be headed to the Milwaukee Brewers in a possible three year deal. A good move if you ask me!


The Yankees have dealt RP Brian Bruney to the Nationals for a player to be named later which seems to be the National’s upcoming Rule 5 Draft pick. Are the Yankees trying to gain pawns for a potential deal for Halladay?

Pending physicals, according to MLB Trade Rumors, a three way deal has been completed between the Yankees, D-Backs and Tigers revolving around CF Curtis Granderson, SP’s Edwin Jackson, Max Scherzer, Ian Kennedy and RP Phil Coke (and a few lesser known names). The Yankees would get Granderson (making Melky Cabrera expendable) and prospects, the D-Backs would get Jackson and Kennedy and the Tigers would get Coke, Scherzer and two lesser know players.

In Other News…

It sounds as if the San Diego Padres will non-tender their best SP from 2009, Kevin Correia due to money constraints. This sounds like absolute absurdity as he can definitely be traded and get them back some young and inexpensive talent in return!

Also being rumored is a John Maine (Mets SP) for Cory Hart (Brewers OF) trade, but one wonders why the Mets would be willing to give up on such a young arm in this day and age. Any thoughts?

(Hat Tip to the team at MLB Trade Rumors whom I have recently subscribed to their daily e-mail notifications…and that was long overdue on my part!)

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  1. kris benner

    December 9, 2009 at 7:42 am

    when are the red sox going to relize that jason bay resigning and marco scutaro are not the only things needed to make them contenders? another big bat is much needed as well as another top gun pitcher. it’s time to put pap on the block as well as the pitching prospects and perhaps even ellsbury. something BIG has got to be done to right this ship…

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