Baseball Reflections CafePress Merchandise

Help Support Baseball Reflections

Part of all procedes from the sale of the items in this post goes directly to help support Baseball Reflections. As an added bonus, it also doubles as helping us to spread the word about us!

Here’ a quick note about the following product widget. You have two viewing options.

  1. Ferris Wheel Mode: where you see one item at a time and you can scroll through the items either by the traditional scroll bar at the far right or by using the blue arrow buttons just before the scroll bar.
  2. Four Squares Mode: where you can view 4 items at a time by clicking on the button just above the scroll bar. You do not have the option of using the blue arrow button in this mode.

Anyone who buys from our CafePress line of merchandise, takes a picture of themselves with or wearing the items and sends it in to us might be able to get your picture on the next CafePress promotional post (like this one).

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Rain Ponchos

    July 21, 2010 at 5:07 am

    While we’re tackling the subject of Baseball Reflections CafePress Merchandise : Baseball Reflections, Most marketing techniques are centered on a narrow group of individuals, but things like promotional clothing can be a really great idea because not only is the brand being promoted to the wearer but also to everybody in their environment when the clothing is worn.

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