Baseball Reflections Weekly Mailbag

Here’s our weekly (we hope) mailbag. This is where YOU, the Baseball Reflections readers, get to ask questions of the Baseball Reflections staff (me and probably one or two others depending on the question) on any baseball related topic of your choosing. It can be on Fantasy Baseball, sabermetrics, specific team related or just baseball in general.

All you need to do is post your question(s) in the comments section of this post (we’ll try to stick to the same day of the week, although it might move to Sundays eventually) or if you don’t want the whole world to read your question feel free to e-mail it to us at
and we’ll start posting the answers to those questions the following week in either the late afternoon or evening.

No question will be considered as dumb by the staff as there are all kinds of fans with different levels of understanding of the game. If we can help the casual fan gain a better understanding of the sport we all love then it will be well worth it! On the other hand, no question, I hope, will be too hard that we couldn’t find the answer (within reason, we don’t have access to why teams do what they do, but we can offer up our opinion) within a week’s time.

If questions come too close to the next mailbag, we might have to answer it in the next weeks batch!

The success of this project is up to you! Have fun with it and I’m sure we’ll have just as much fun answering them.


If you missed it, submissions can be sent to the following e-mail address:!

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