Fathead Jr. Daily Sweepstakes by Fathead/Smile.ly

Taken from their Sweepstakes page

I know what you’re saying, what in the world is a Fathead Jr. anyway? I know I was when I was first contacted to help promote this sweepstakes! In layman’s terms, a Fathead is a life-size wall decals done in superb quality High Def images that are safe for walls as they peel ‘n stick and taken from memorable moments. Disclaimer: in return for running this ad, I’m getting a free sample (Fathead Jr. for my boys ages 4 and 8) from Fathead/Smile.ly.

About the Sweepstakes

The following advertisement comes directly from their site & the sweepstakes ends on April 30th (2010):

We think that’s quite generous on our part considering we don’t even know you yet. Still, we’re sure to be friends and if giving away free stuff is what it takes to be friends, then we’re happy to do it. This sweepstakes was specially created for people like you and is not advertised anywhere else (not even on fathead.com) so don’t go blurting this out unless you’re planning on inviting everyone you know. If you do, make sure to include a link to http://www.fathead.com/sweepstakes/mlb

EXTRA SUPER BONUS – You only have to enter once but you’re eligible for the drawing every day. If you win then you have to sit down and let someone else win – it’s only fair.

$500 FATHEAD GIFT CERTIFICATE. Once we’re done giving away a FREE Fathead Jr. every day we’re going to draw the grand prize winner who gets a $500 Fathead Gift Certificate! With $500 you can get enough Fatheads to do a 2,514 square foot house or two downtown lofts plus the service elevator.

Want to know more about Fathead? Click here.

Want to do some shopping? Click here.

Want a chance to win? Click here.

In addition to the sweepstakes, here are some more special offers from the kind people at Fathead…

  • Our 15% off coupon code for select Fathead products, SML15C
  • Our free shipping coupon code, SMLSHP1

Please take advantage of these special offers and the sweepstakes while there are still days remaining in the month of April and I hope you enjoy them!

If anyone has any of these products, please tell us about them in the comments section below!

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