Maple Street Press Red Sox Annual is a Must Have Every Year

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Taken from the Maple Street Press Website

Not only do they have articles and interviews, but it also has a colored schedule, last year’s stats for the starting 9 including spray zones, hit zones and scouting reports on how well they did against certain pitches last year (the reserves do not have these more detailed stats). Other articles include a look at both the future of the Red Sox (prospects) and Red Sox history, too.

Contribuing to this annual are Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald, Ian Browne who is currently a beat writer for, Alex Spier of NESN and David Laurila of Baseball Prospectus to name a few.

One of my favorite articles is also one of the shortest and it isn’t even listed in the table of contents (was that a mistake?) was an article title, “A Run Saved: A Marriners Perspective on Beltre and Cameron” by Dave Cameron of U.S.S. Mariner (co-founder) and he’s also the managing editor of FanGraphs.

Another is on the following pages by Chuck Korb about the new direction the Sox moved towards this season (2010)…defensive-minded. This articles describes last year’s weaknesses by position and how Theo and staff have addressed those flaws from a year ago.

This year’s annual closes with the Red Sox All-Aughts Team opposite the back cover! I hope you buy it and enjoy it (or any of their others) as much as I have.

FYI – I do not earn any commission from the sale of any Maple Press Annuals
. Hat tip to the member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) who informed me of this annual and made sure I got my copy (Cecilia Tan).

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