Top 5 Fantasy Surprises So Far in 2010: Hitters

*These stats are as of 5/20/2010. The stats next to their names are R/HR/RBI/SB/BA.

These players are the biggest offensive surprises of the season so far…

5. Paul Konerko 1B of the Chicago White Sox

is hitting 21/14/30/0/.262

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Konerko is leading the all of baseball with his 14 HRs and now has half of his 2009 total in that category and is hitting close to his average from last year, too. I expect him to continue to hit HR, but he will not hit 40 by the end of the season. Still, hitting 30+ will make his fantasy owners pretty happy as he’s hitting 6 HRs better than Pujols right now.

4. Vernon Wells CF of the Toronto Blue Jays

is hitting 29/11/32/2/.301

Wells hit only 15 HRs all of last year with only 66 RBIs, too AND he’s hitting around 40 points higher. This is back to where he should be with his numbers although his stolen bases are down as he stole 17 in 2009. I can see him keeping this up to 30+ HR and 100+ RBIs with double digit stolen bases. It might just have taken him this long to tweak his mechanics after the injuries he’s had over the past few years.

3. Kelly Johnson 2B of the Arizona Diamondbacks

is hitting 29/12/25/3/.260

Johnson also appears to be healthy once again and is perhaps benefitting from Chase Field being a little more of a hitters park than Turner Field in Atlanta. He’s also hitting over his head as he is not a Chase Utley-type offensive second baseman, but rather a level or two down from that at best. His power numbers will plateau over the course of the year, but the rest of his numbers should stay in line. He’s already surpassed his 2009 HR total and is hitting almost 40 points higher, just like Wells.

2. Casey McGehee 3B of the Milwaukee Brewers

is hitting 23/9/37/1/.325

The question often asked this off season was if McGehee would be able to replicate the numbers he flashed in his shortened season in 2009 when he was called up to the bigs. Most said no, but he is proving them wrong so far and I expect to see hit reach 25 HRs with 75 RBIs with a batting average above .300

1.  Ty Wigginton 1B/2B/3B of the Baltimore Orioles

is hitting 20/12/27/0/.305

Ty Wigginton

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Wigginton is playing mostly 2B with Brian Roberts on the 60 day DL. He has already hit one more HR than he did all of last year in a part time role and he should shatter his 2009 totals all around if he can stay in the line-up, but I don’t think he can keep up this HR pace and his average will eventually drop into the .270s. The biggest question is if Roberts returns in 2010, where do the O’s play Wigginton or will he have regressed into a back up role by then? I think they will have to find a place for him or trade either him or Luke Scott for them both to find playing time on this Oriole’s team.

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