Haarlem Baseball Week Update

by Brendan Bisschop

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New and old familiar faces in Haarlem Baseball Week selection The selection of the Dutch national team for the 25th Haarlem Baseball Week from 9 to July 18 in the Pim Mulier Stadium in Haarlem is held, has two new faces. The catchers are Jason Halman (Corendon Kinheim) and Bas Nooij (L & D Amsterdam). Even Dirk van ‘t Klooster is now part of the group. The 34-year-old outfielder from Kinheim that 211 caps to his name, thanked last year for Orange, but recently came to that decision back at the urging of coach Jim Stoeckel. Except Halman and Nooij include Shaldimar Daantji for the first time to selection of the Dutch team. The centerfielder of DOOR Neptunus was last year at the last minute to take part in the World Port Tournament. Dwayne Kemp club member may also make its debut in Haarlem. The infielder was in March 2009 but the party in the World Baseball Classic in Florida, but played no official match. A total of 27 players invited Stoeckel for the anniversary tournament in Haarlem, each of whom 24 will appear on the scoresheet. Mourik Huijser of DOOR Neptunus acts during the event as bullpencatcher. The 25th Haarlem Baseball Week welcomes the renovated Pim Mulier Stadium except the Dutch team also delegations from Cuba, Japan, Taiwan, Venezuela and the United States. Almost immediately after the Baseball Week travels Dutch team to Germany from Friday, July 23 the European title at stake. Netherlands, defending champions Stuttgart, Heidenheim and Neuchâtel. Orange is divided into pool A with France, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belgium and the host. The finals on Sunday, August 1.

In preparation for the Baseball Week carries the Dutch team on Thursday, July 8 in the Neptunus Family Stadium in Rotterdam against Cuba. The match starts at 19.30 hours.

The selection of the 25th Haarlem Baseball Week is as follows:

Pitchers: Arshwin Asjes (Konica Minolta Pioneers) David Bergman (Corendon Kinheim) Leon Boyd (DOOR Neptunus) Rob Cordemans (L & D Amsterdam) Dave Draijer ( Konica Minolta Pioneers) Berry van Driel (DOOR Neptunus) Gregory Gustina (Sparta / Feyenoord) Kevin Heijstek (DOOR Neptunus) Michiel van Kampen (Corendon Kinheim) Diegomar Markwell (DOOR Neptunus) Nick Stuifbergen (Corendon Kinheim) Nick Veltkamp (Corendon Kinheim)

Catchers: Jason Halman (Corendon Kinheim) Sidney de Jong (L & D Amsterdam) Bas Nooij (L & D Amsterdam),

Infielders: René Cremer (Corendon Kinheim) Michael Duursma (Konica Minolta Pioneers) Bryan Engelhardt (Corendon Kinheim) Dwayne Kemp (BY Neptune) Raily Legito ( DOOR Neptunus) Vince Rooi (L & D Amsterdam) Jeroen Sluijter (DOOR Neptunus)

Outfielders: Shaldimar Daantji (DOOR Neptunus), Bas de Jong (L & D Amsterdam), Dirk van ‘t Klooster (Corendon Kinheim) Eugene Kingsale (DOOR Neptunus) Danny Rombley (DOOR Neptunus )

Staff: Jim Stoeckel manager Steve Janssen pitching coach Wim Martinus hitting coach Tjerk Smeets bullpen coach Ben Thijssen bench coach Rob Tamminga physiotherapist physiotherapist Martijn van Berkel Ton Meir Sonne materiaalman Loet van Beek Schelle press secretary.

Info check www.knbsb.nl

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