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At one point or another, almost every fantasy team suffers through a power outage. Regardless of the power your sluggers continue to tease you with, they just do not deliver the Home Runs and RBI that your team so badly needs. If it is just a matter of power and power alone, you may have some options on the waiver wire. As long as you can take a possible hit to your team batting average, help may be right around the corner.
The good thing with Home Runs is that in standard 5 x 5 categories, a Home Run also gives you a Run Scored, at least 1 RBI and a Hit to count for your Batting Average. If Home Runs are what you need, let’s plug into the waiver wire for a much needed power surge. Be forewarned, these players may give you a bit of pop, but they generally offer little else.

Josh Willingham (OAK) – 92% available

He’s been hitting the ball pretty well (6 HR) and leads the A’s with 22 RBI. If he concentrates on hitting the baseball (and not umpires), he should give you the pop you need.


Jonny Gomes (CIN) – 66% available

He has some legit pop in his bat but his lack of ability to hit consistently (.192 BA) keeps him out of a full time gig. Proceed carefully.


Mark Trumbo (LAA) – 85% available

He’s been in and out of the line up lately but with Vernon Wells on the DL, Trumbo will get a look in the outfield. Definitely worth a look.


Rod Barajas (LAD) – 92% available

We stream pitchers so why not catchers? He is currently tied for the MLB HR lead among catchers and finished tied for 5th in 2010.


Chris Iannetta (COL) – 90% available

Another catcher with some pop. We all still believe Coors Field is a launching pad, right? For Iannetta, 4 of his 5 HR have come at home.


Lance Nix (WAS) – 99% available

He has had difficulty sticking in a full time Big League gig but keep an eye on this. If he doesn’t end up in a platoon with Mike Morse (who is also nursing a sore left knee), Nix could have some value.


Pat Burrell (SF) – 96% available

A perennial source of HR and little else. With 5 HR and 9 RBI, Burrell has driven home himself more often than he has driven in his teammates. Somewhere, Rob Deer is smiling.


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