Analyzing Phillies in the Playoffs

It’s playoff time, and if the past is any indication the Phillies are ready.
Since 2007 (we can forget getting swept in 2007, right?), the Phillies are 25-13 in the postseason, have reached the NLCS in three straight seasons, and have only lost two series in three years. We can learn much more about the Phillies playoff character by digging a little deeper into their postseason record. With 38 games to choose from, we can get a good idea of how the Phillies handle just about any situation. Let’s take a closer look at what they’ve done in the playoffs:
The Phillies have been solid in just about any playoff situation. We can see that the Phillies start out hot (7-1 in game 1’s), are great frontrunners (13-4 with the lead), and they know how to close it out (6-1 in clinchers). The Phillies also have a 15-5 record at home and an 11-2 record in the NLDS. In a nutshell, the Phillies are excellent when they are in the driver’s seat and they know how to kick a guy when he’s down (hope you like cliches).
And the Phillies have given themselves the advantage a whole lot. They had not trailed in a series until the Yankees in 2009, have only trailed at any point in 2 out of 8 series, and only played behind in a series in 8 of 38 games.
That said, the Phillies are no slouches when dealing with pressure situations. They have an even 5-5 record when tied or trailing in a series, have extended the two series in which they faced elimination, and they have a 6-1 record closing out series. Their only smudge is an 0-2 record in game 6’s.
Those are all very exciting numbers, but the only numbers that really matter now are 2 World Championship, 11 more wins, and 1 more parade.
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