Will the Real San Diego Padres Fans Please Stand Up

Will the real San Diego Padres fans please come forward? In my opinion, this question is usually answered after the second game of the teams opening season series home stand. Those who show up, besides those who are employed by the team, are the fans that didn’t score opening day tickets or just wanted to avoid the riff raff of the opening day festivities. These are the same fans that know there will be no give-a-way, they’re going to get what they came to see, Padres’ baseball.  However this question may not truly be answered until five days after the home opener against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Why? Because it’s the Dodgers. No matter how good the team is or how unfortunate the team may be, Padres fans love to see there team beat the Dodgers. No offense to the Arizona Diamondbacks who follow up the opener against the Dodgers, Padres fans love to see the D-Backs lose as well. I hope I don’t lose you the rest of the way, but this seems to be the state of mind of one Padres fan.


In recent articles I’ve talked about what I think of the Padres, both good and bad and the bottom line is I love baseball and I love the Padres like a many others. Not quite Padres Nation (hash tag), but looking to become one. And maybe with the team’s forthcoming television deal with FOX Sports they will get that national moniker. One day.


As the hot stove league sizzles like a Sunday morning breakfast for some teams, Padres fans are grabbing for their box of Lucky Charms. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La,Da. From this end of the country you can’t help but notice what some of the other teams have done to boost their payrolls around MLB. The Angels continue to stir the pot here on the west coast and over on the east, you can’t look past what the Marlins have done. Yes, the Marlins have added some major talent to their roster, but the Padres will be the better looking team uniform wise. I’m just saying. As Padres fans gather their thoughts of the 2012 season, the team has some bigger issues… will the real owner of the San Diego Padres please come forward. This era of Padres baseball wasn’t supposed to be a transition period. It is but more so for Jeff Moorad and his group of investors. As MLB has put a hold on the transition of ownership of the team, former or maybe current owner John Moores has reportedly already went out spending cash oh his end. According to a recent news story, Moores has bought a very affluent Hospitality Inn for the sum of $30-million.  This is a project that needs millions more in upgrades and renovations. Too bad he didn’t think that way about the team over the past few years. Hey I’m grateful for Moores and former business partner Larry Lucchino for saving and making baseball fun in San Diego, but over the last few years there hasn’t been much to brag about.


The past eight weeks could have or may have been baffling for some including me, such as the Matt Latos trade to Cincinnati, but now I am at ease. The Padres didn’t feel he was going to be the ace of the staff like many thought and there also seemed to be an attitude that only those in the club house saw. Then there is Heath Bell. I am going to miss that guy. While there are those players reporters would rather not deal with, Bell was just the opposite. He came to play everyday with a smile and he was an all-star who loves the game. For the first time in a long while the team will have a different closer in Houston Street. (1-4/3.86/29 Saves last season with Colorado).  His numbers may depend on how the pitching staff fares? Joining the staff will be Edinson Volquez who went 17-6 in 2008 and has gone 13-12 since. I understand why the team let Anthony Rizzo go, but I still scratch my head that he was the cornerstone of the trade from the Red Sox for Adrian Gonzalez. With Rizzo gone, Yonder Alonso who came over in the Latos deal will get a shot at first. (.330/5/15) in 47 games. Alonso struck out 21 times in 88 tries.


Last month the Padres said they had some payroll flexibility and since then we have seen them acquire Carlos Quentin who agreed to a one-year deal worth just over $7-million. Volquez and Quentin are among 9 of 11 players who were signed by the team this past week. Others who signed who were arbitration eligible, Tim Stauffer, Luke Gregerson, Joe Thatcher, Will Venable, Nick Hundley, John Baker and Chase Headley. The two still unsigned are pitchers Clayton Richards and Dustin Moseley.


For now, at this moment, all I can say is Go Padres! I will be there for opening day like many other fans as well as the random Monday or Tuesday game with other Padres fans.

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