Field as a team, win as a team

Baseball is definitely a sport that requires an entire team to win a ball game. That’s why practice is so important. If you can learn to practice as a team, then you will want to play as a team as well.  When it comes to fielding in baseball, everybody has to be at the right place on the field for every possible situation. The best way to learn these situations is to practice them. The best way to practice them is to put the players in live situations and have them consistently make the plays they are supposed to make with no errors.




When I was playing baseball, we would always do fielding drills until perfection. What do I mean by that? Every player in the field had to make a play without making an error, or we had to start all over again. If there are nine players in the field, all nine players would have to make the right play or we would start all over again. It might seem easy until you take into account how many rotations you have to make with the other players on your team. If you have fifteen to twenty players on your team, then it’s just that much more difficult. Our coach would come up with a live situation and then he would hit the ball and we would have to make the correct plays. For example, let’s say there is a runner on first and third and two outs. It’s the third baseman’s turn to make a play. If our coach hit a grounder to the third baseman he needed to field it and make the right play. If the third baseman were to make an error, we would have to start all over again from the beginning. In our case, we had to start back with the first baseman that began the fielding drill. Our coach would use real base runners so that the situation was as real as it could get. Sometimes it would be an easy grounder or a pop fly. Other times it was more difficult and we always had to be ready for anything.


Do your part


Going through this drill requires that everybody on the team be in the right place at the right time to make the play.  It helped me learn the importance of making sure I do my part in a certain situation. Sometimes I think baseball players can easily forget to do the little things, like hit the cutoff man. Something so simple yet so important because of what it could lead to if we don’t do it. This simple drill will lead to every player knowing what to do in every situation in a ball game. When it came to playing a real game, I could think back to practice and then know exactly what I needed to do.


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