The Bobby Abreu Affliction

I swear, everytime this guy shows up somewhere the team has NO chance to win.

Now, I had some beef with him on the Phillies (he wanted Philly records instead of winning and he was afraid of the OF wall or diving), but his batting eye is impeccable and he was a great hitter and is still a very good one.


1997  Abreu HERE    Houston Astros 84-78
1998  Abreu GONE – Houston Astros 102-60
98-06 Abreu HERE – Phillies average about 76 wins (bad 2000 season) ,never make playoffs
07-11 Abreu GONE -First year Phillies win the East,2nd win World Series,3rd lose world series
06-08 Abreu HERE –Yankees lose in the 1st rnd because of the Abreu Affliction,next year they lose to THE INDIANS! 2008 do not make playoffs
2009  Abreu GONE -Yankees beat the Phillies for the World Series title
09-12 Abreu HERE -Angels won the West 3 yrs prior to Abreu won avg 95 games, as the favorite over the aging Yankees after 97 wins they lose 4 games to 2…2010 DONT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS! what? Hey they caught the Abreu (Bless you). Next season 10 GB
2012  Abreu GONE As SOON as Abreu was gone Angels went on a tear and now are 4.5 GB
2012 Abreu HERE  The Dodgers had a great lead in the West and lost it 6/28/12 due to Abreu Affliction

The Dodgers need to look at this and cut bait…have Tony Gwynn Jr play everyday as long as its not Abreu!

Abreu should be riding into clubhouses on the back of a black rat.
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