Could Andres Torres help a contender as a 4th OF?

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While I thought about the possibility of Erik Bedard returning to the Baltimore Orioles, I took some time to evaluate a player who recently passed through waivers. Though Andres Torres has not torn the cover off the ball, he has done about what most educated fans could expect. The Mets put him in a tough position, making him the everyday centerfielder when Torres was more qualified to be a forth OF.

Andres Torres, New York Mets

Andres Torres, New York Mets (Photo credit: MattBritt00)

My initial thought was Torres could return to the San Francisco Giants, where he spent the past couple of years. Torres excelled in 2010, and despite his 2011 struggles, he was well liked in the organization and in the clubhouse and was a fan favorite. Add in the fact that Melky Cabrerawill miss the rest of the regular season due to his 50 game ban for the use of PEDs, my answer became “Why not?”

Its not that the Giants do not want him back. I just think the team has its sights on an OF that can impact the team a little more than Torres can. Scott Hairston would be a better fit, as he was claimed by an unidentified team only to be pulled back today. The Giants would want more of an everyday player than Torres, who as I said before, is nothing more than a forth OF. Torres is hitting .230, 2, 32, with 11 2B, 5 3B and 10 SB in 99 games for the Mets. The Giants are getting slightly better production from Gregor Blanco, who is hitting .240, 5, 31, with 11 2B, 4 3B and 19 SB in 109 games for the Giants. Blanco is very comparible to Torres and has emerged the same way Torres did in 2010. Blanco is also making $516 K this season as Torres is making $2.7 million. And the Giants do not need both Blanco and Torres; both essentially do the same thing.

But it should still be an avenue for the Mets and Sandy Aldersonto explore. Nothing wrong with checking with the Giants to see if there is any interest. The need to move his salary should not take presidence over getting any type of return, even if its not much. But the Mets lack of depth in the OF may be reason enough to keep Torres around. But moving Torres could clear September for Matt den Dekker to get a chance to play CF. Torres is a non-tender candidate after this season and it would be worth it to move him if possible. I just don’t think it will be possible.

Maybe its worth taking a look at some playoff teams who may need a 4th OF. The Nationals are a possibility as well as Cincinnati and the Chicago White Sox. All three teams could use a defensive replacement. But the question is, are any of these teams willing to part with anything of value, even if it is in the lower levels in the minor leagues?
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