Puerto Rico: Having Fun, Undefeated, Wednesday night make History and Remembering History!

By Ismael Nunez
   According to the website Bleacher Report, “No team is having more fun in the WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC than Team Puerto Rico” their so right! They added “The undefeated squad showed series camaraderie when they bleached their hair and beards blond.” The fans on the island and the USA are with them all the way!
   Here’s what some are saying in Facebook: A Puerto Rican Male stated “Puerto Rico is showing why baseball should be fun again! None of that new rules just let them have fun on the field, this have been a very fun team to watch and exciting since I’m from Puerto Rico, but MLB just let them have this fun during season!!…oh and GO PR! Make this little Island proud! We’re rooting for you guys! Puerto Rican Female added, “There hasn’t been a single crime committed since Friday in PR, this game has made the whole island to come together as one like the old day. United good and bad. So proud of my little island.”
   If team Puerto Rico wins WBC Classic there’ll be the first Latin American team to win both the Caribbean World Series and the World Baseball Classic in the same year! They’ll join their fellow Puerto Rican brothers who’ve also made history. (And are now in the Baseball Hall of Fame) Roberto Clemente: 12 Gold Gloves, 3000 Hits, 4 Batting Titles, 2 World Series Championships. Roberto Alomar, 12-time All-Star won more Gold Gloves(10) than any other second baseman in baseball history, and also won the third-most Silver Slugger Awards (4) for a second baseman. Ivan Rodriguez 13 Gold Gloves than any catcher in the history of Baseball, 2003 World Series Champion, Seven Time Silver Slugger Award for a Catcher.
    The spirit of these three  Puerto Rican Baseball players, Orlando Cepeda (who is also in the Hall of Fame) and these two players Pancho Coimbre and Perucho Cepeda(Orlando’s Father) is alive and well!
ADELANTE! PALANTE! Puerto Rico! In English Go Forward with Pride!

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