An Introduction to PainZone by MedZone

I was approached on behalf of MedZone, who has been surprisingly around since 2001 (why have I not heard of them until now) just before my 2017 over 30 baseball season to introduce you, my loyal readers, to their product PainZone. As you can imagine, a product like this can come in very handy on a team where most of the over 30 baseball players are, like me, over 40! As you can see in the images above and below, this product looks like deodorant, but what you can’t see is that it is a wet roll on pain reliever.

Here is what it does and a listing of the product details directly from their site:

What’s it do?

  • Concentrated formula: Three Active ingredients and contains NO WATER
  • Topical Analgesic relieves tired muscles, joint pain, aches
  • Eases back pain due to sports, activity or work
  • Works well on arthritis symptoms and sore muscles
  • Currently available in convenient Roll On Applicator or individual use packets
  • Available in 3 oz, 1 oz or Individual Use Packets


Product Details

Banishes sore, overworked, and tight muscles with a no-mess, roll-on applicator. PainZone® boasts a concentrated no-water formula with the 3 anti-inflammatory agents plus two additional anti-inflammatory ingredients to banish your pain. Our proprietary blend of essential fatty acids transports the active ingredients deep into the tissues for long lasting pain relief. Great for use with team sports, dancers, runners, rugby and other athletes who suffer aches and pains during and after workouts.

Their other products are called: Blister Zone, Burn Zone, Chafe Zone, Wound Wash and an Activity PAK – combo kit which can be found at this link.

Now back to my review of PainZone!

The closest thing I can compare it to is BenGay; but, in my opinion PainZone is better because it’s less messy. I personally do not like cream medication due to how messy they are so a roll on is perfect! It is so good that my daughter who is a second degree taekwondo black belt has used it a few times for neck pain & I have used it to help suppress bicep tendonitis in its early stages. The only thing about it that I do not like as much, I was surprised about was that it says wet longer than I had anticipated. In my opinion, it works as good if not better than the rival product mentioned above (he who must no longer be named here). I would recommend Pain Zone against any cream product currently on the market (that’s over the counter). So much so, that I would be interested in using Burn Zone to combat minor burns, scrapes, insect bites, sunburn, skin irritation, etc.

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