World Series Odds as we enter September

It just so happens, every year I am asked at about this time in the season who I think will make the playoffs and what are the odds of those teams making it to the World Series. So without further ado, here are my predictions entering September …

The American League

In the American League not one teams stands out as head and shoulders above the rest anymore. At one time I would have said the Astros, but with their pitching injuries the other playoff contenders have caught up to them – those teams being the Indians and the Red Sox. Out of the potential Wild Card teams in the AL, I would have to say the Yankees would be the favorites.

The Astros have the best starters of the group if they can get healthy and return to top form before the playoffs. They have a bunch of hungry young talent who don’t know they shouldn’t be playing up to this level besides the likes of the more veteran clubs in the Red Sox & Indians.

The Indians, if they can regain their playoff form of a year ago can catch magic in a bottle, but the likelihood of that happening two years in a row isn’t very likely. Ultimately, pitching wins in the playoffs and their starting rotation is one of the best when they are on their game with Kluber, Carrasco, Bauer and they also need guys to return from injuries in Tomlin, Salazar and RP extraordinaire Andrew Miller.

Then there is the Red Sox who are riding Ace Chris Sale and his Ks and ending games with Kimbrel. Pomeranz is finally showing signs of why they traded away such a potentially good prospect to get him. Last year’s Cy Young winner Rick Porcello looked good in his last outing and if he and Price (who looks to be returning from injury soon) can get back to their usually form they might be the best rotation out of the bunch and that’s saying something! Likewise, if injured relievers Carson Smith can come back strong from injury he could bolster a strong bullpen under Kimbrel with Kelley and Reed. Add to that the solid play of Pedroia, if he can stay healthy, with newcomers Nunez (trade deadline pick up) and top prospect Devers (3B) they could just have the edge for the best World Series odds in the AL!

The National League

There really is not the same level of parity in the NL! The Dodgers are far and away the best team in the NL already with more than 90 wins with a month more to go and might have a chance at the single season win record of 116 (1906 Cubs and 2001 Mariners). At the time of this writing they need 24 wins to tie that mark! They didn’t stand pat at the trade deadline either as they got Yu Darvish to bolster their rotation that already has Kershaw, Hill, Ryu and Maeda with Jansen closing things out. They also have infused youth well with the additions of Bellinger and Taylor not to mention the likes of Turner, Puig, Gonzales and newly acquired Granderson for a touch of a seasoned veteran for playoff depth. I would say they should be the World Series odds on favorite to win it all!

Honorable mentions in the NL are the Nationals with Harper, Scherzer, Strasberg with two Taylors of their own (SS Trea and Michael A. in CF). Then there is the defending World Series champion Cubs led by Rizzo, Bryant, Arrieta and Lester (when he gets off the DL).

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