Baseball Reflections

Wilson A2K or A2000 Custom Gloves


Wilson’s Baseball Glove Customizer allows you to create your very own custom baseball glove or custom softball glove.

Sort by position to select the perfect custom baseball or softball glove for your spot on the diamond.

Choose from our full selection of custom A2K or custom A2000 ball glove patterns, then use our baseball glove customizer to create the glove of your dreams.

Pick out your preferred leather, or add SuperSkin to build a lightweight custom glove that can handle any weather conditions.

Choose your laces, binding and stitching to create your one-of-a-kind custom gamer, then personalize your baseball glove by adding your own text and emblems.

Finish crafting your custom glove by choosing your throwing hand and customizing features like the palm stamp, glove stiffness, binding type and glove fit.

Looking for inspiration? Check out our full line of A2Ks or A2000s at

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