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10 Tips to Develop a Complete Baseball Player

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Former MLB player Jack Perconte Teaching Hitting


Of course, not all youth players can become star baseball players. However, becoming a well-rounded baseball player is the result when parents and youth coaches do many of the following things to help:

1. Bigger, stronger, and faster athletes advance the most, so having young athletes perform age-appropriate speed and strengthening programs is crucial.

2. Learning the correct fundamentals is priceless. Having players receive professional, fundamental instruction can make the difference. Developing correct throwing mechanics is especially important for avoiding arm injury and for improving position flexibility.

3. Parents, who can patiently reinforce a knowledgeable coach’s suggestions, are best.

4. Off-season programs that promote fun and fundamentals are a great way to keep players’ interested, educated and sharp.

5. Preseason workouts, with a gradual increase in practice, are always necessary to avoid injury and ease a player back into the sport.

6. A wall to throw off for arm and fielding work is a great tool for young players

7. Hitters should use a batting tee for home practice of hitting drills.

8. Having rest periods and off-days is advised to stay physically and mentally sharp.

9. Learning game strategy at an early age can go a long way to staying ahead of the competition, also.

10. Making practice fun, as well as teaching the values of teamwork and sportsmanship, will help develop a complete ball player.


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