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B is for Baseball: Alphabet Cards; A Product Review

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Artist Doug Keith has tried to make a solution for a problem many baseball fans across the country face in regards to raising their young ones. Often parents of America’s Pastime are left asking themselves, “How can I bring the game I love to my children at a young age in a way they will understand?” Well these parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts alike need not search any longer as B is for Baseball Alphabet Cards provides the obvious answer to that question.

These basic premise behind these cards is the same as any other stack of alphabet cards that one might find at a toy or book store. The catch is that every card contains a character related to baseball, mimicking a letter of the alphabet. The set comes out right in time for the start of Spring Training fever and at a great point for children to learn their letters related to baseball.

The back of the box of cards reads, “A for alphabet, B for baseball, C for cards and together they form this set of flashcards by Doug Keith that captures the action and spirit of the sport.”

While conventional thinking would lead viewers to believe Keith just used players in his designs, the cards illustrate otherwise. Keith used images of every aspect of the game that a fan would see when attending the ballpark. Everything from images of players sitting on the bench, to images of umpires, hotdog vendors and fans. These cards will allow kids to learn about all aspects of the game and get adjusted to the type of entertainment their loved ones already enjoy. In addition to using different kinds of people, Keith also depicts different situations as well including players at the plate, on the base paths, in the field and even coaches arguing with umpires.

In addition to each card featuring a player, or other baseball person, shaped in a letter, the clothing that that person is wearing has the letter on it as well.  This should help children with their learning as they will have multiple avenues and associations with the letter, in addition to helping parents teach their kids the game as well.

The cards come in a tightly encased box with a slide out feature that holds the cards. This feature allows it to easily fit in diaper bags and purses for on the go learning. Encasing the box is a picture depicting the first four cards in the set placed over a baseball.

This set would make a great gift at a baby shower for the child of a baseball fan, or even a birthday, or other holiday present for children as well.  This set truly illustrates, “where love of learning and love of the game intersect,” as children will learn their alphabet, and perhaps how to spell (hopefully words related to baseball) while also being entertained.

Illustrator Doug Keith has had his work featured in more than 40 illustrated books since opening his own illustration and design studio in 1983. He has also illustrated a series of popular alphabet posters and a number of fine art commissions. Keith is the recipient of an Emmy Award for graphic design, many Publishers Marketing Association Awards and an Award for Excellence from the Society of Newspaper Design.

The set was released on March 1, 2011 by Simply Read Books and retails for $12.95. To see a complete list of works by this publisher, visit The set is distributed by Publishers Group West.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


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