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Ten Hitting Tips that Guarantee Success

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Former MLB player Jack Perconte Teaching Hitting



  1. Never accept mediocrity. When hitters have good hand, eye coordination there is no reason for inconsistent contact – work harder on the fundamentals.
  2. Hitters do not need to know what they are doing wrong but they need to know how to adjust. I often tell my students that no one forces them to do the same thing every time so be willing to adjust from at bat to at bat, from game to game, and learn what to change when frustrating things happen.
  3. Most slumps occur after hitting streaks because players start taking things for granted and begin believing they can hit anything. There is no better hitting tip than getting good pitches to hit.
  4. No one intentionally takes eye off the ball when they hit – hitters, who use their hands and hips correctly, will not pull their head.
  5. “If you cannot hit consistent line drives when the ball is sitting on a tee, how do you expect to hit a pitched ball consistently well?” is a common statement of mine.
  6. Use a batting tee before games to get loose, work on the fundamentals and concentrate on their weak spots of their swing. Use a batting tee after games for the same reasons and for working out any game frustrations.
  7. Perfect practice makes perfect – it is better to take 20 good swings than 100 mediocre ones.
  8. Hitters, who can maintain or go to the correct hitting position, post stride foot landing, have a great chance to develop the perfect swing. Nothing is more important than this for great hitting mechanics.
  9. Practice is for concentrating on the good swing habits and swing fundamentals, games are for concentrating on seeing and timing the ball.

10.  Batting practice is basically for timing and confidence building, hitting drills are for the perfect swing development.


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