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Exogun Dreampro Review for Baseball Players

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So, I’ve been waiting until I was able to use the Exogun Dreampro massage gun before writing up, what I would have called, a fake review. I must have received the Exogun in early 2022, but my baseball season didn’t start until June. Furthermore, it wasn’t until mid-August when I felt the need to actually use it in order to play in a baseball game on Tuesday, August 16th. I had been limping due to a hamstring strain since Sunday. At 50 years old, I forget that even though I’m playing amateur baseball still, I my now requires me to stretch out/warm up before doing even things around the house that I used to be able to do without thinking about it. Anyway, I thought it would be fine come Tuesday, but it wasn’t. Luckily, I was working from home that day so I though I’d give the Exogun Dreampro a shot at it in the morning. It felt better, but I noticed I was still limping at lunchtime, so I had an afternoon session, too. By the way, I was only using it at its lowest setting seeing it was my first time using it. Again, at dinnertime, I was still limping slightly (but less than earlier that day) so I decided to bring it to my game (which started at 8pm). I integrated it into my pregame warm-up. As the game went on I was no longer limping and actually went from first to third late in the game without issue. Therefore, I can recommend the Exogun Dreampro for anyone looking for a massage gun!

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From their website, for $169.00

Treat yourself with the percussion therapy device trusted by pros worldwide.

The most powerful and versatile handheld percussion massage device for high impact recovery and low impact deep tissue massage.

  • 1 ExoGun Dream Pro Massager
  • 1 Charging Cable (110-240 V)
  • 4 Attachments

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The following video is from their website…

The only negative that I can say about it is that I sometimes had difficulty interfacing with the touch screen (turning it on initially). I would prefer actual buttons as opposed to a touch screen, but maybe this is par for the course for these massage guns (this s the first one I’ve ever used).

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