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10 Baseball Gifts Ideas For Your Loved One

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It’s that time of the year again! Holiday shopping is in full swing; only this year, there are significantly fewer shoppers crowding the malls and shopping centers. 2020 has made many things challenging. However, gift shopping for your loved ones shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to baseball gifts you can easily find and buy online.

If you have a sports lover in your life, look no further! While you can’t attend a baseball game this year, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the sport by getting a thoughtful, themed gift for the person in your life who loves the game — our ten picks for perfect gifts for baseball fans are right here at your fingertips.

The 10 Winning Baseball Gifts for 2020

1. San Francisco Giants Baseball Mug

Looking for the ultimate superfan gift? The 20 ounce Giants baseball bat mug from Dugout Mugs is the perfect way for your loved ones to show their support as they watch games from the couch. 

This unique mug allows fans to drink directly from the baseball bat of their favorite team. Dugout has mugs for every Major League team, and they even allow customizable options. Their mugs can be used for hot or cold liquids, and they don’t require any special care to keep them in pristine condition.

The best part? The mug comes with a lifetime warranty, so rest assured that this is a gift they’ll always cherish.

2. San Francisco Giants Baseball Wine Mug

Does your favorite baseball fan prefer to enjoy the game with a glass of wine in hand? If so, you’re in luck! Dugout mugs also makes a San Francisco Giants baseball wine mug.

This mini baseball bat holds six ounces of hot or cold liquids (perfect for mulled wine during the winter season!) and is the perfect addition to any sports fan’s cocktail cart.

3. The Old World Glass Blown Baseball Christmas Ornament

Where better to rep that you’re a diehard baseball fan than on your Christmas tree? The Old World Glass Blown Baseball Christmas Ornament is traditionally designed, hand-crafted, and made of hand-blown glass. For under $10 on Amazon, it’s a great stocking stuffer for baseball lovers.

You’re guaranteed to see your loved one’s face light up when they open this thoughtful baseball gift! Look it up on today.

4. Vintage Baseball Park Glass

If the baseball fan in your life has a special attachment to their team’s city, you can’t go wrong with a Vintage Baseball Park Glass from

Baseball stadiums have changed over the years, and these vintage glasses preserve retired MLB stadiums in the form of etched maps along the side of a whiskey glass. Give that nostalgic person in your life a nod to their favorite stadium of the past decades with this unique nod to baseball’s glory days.

5. Baseball Mask

Definitely the most 2020 gift on this list — a baseball mask! Especially if the baseball fan you had in mind is on the younger side, wearing a mask can be a bit of a chore. The Snaptotes Washable Reusable Face Mask makes mask-wearing more fun and exciting than ever before.

These particular masks are even sold with six HEPA filters and flexible nose wires. A reason we really love this shop is that for every mask purchased, the seller is giving a mask to someone in need. It’s a great cause to support, and it’s also a lovely baseball-themed gift!

You can find this product on

6. Personalized Home Plate

If you’re looking for something truly unique, the “Bridges2You” Etsy shop offers plenty of opportunities to personalize your baseball gifts, including a customizable home plate.

With this gift, you have the option to purchase a hook to hang it in a prominent place or use it as decor on a desk, bookshelf, dining table, etc. It’s a great gift for parents, newlyweds, or baseball-loving friends looking to show their love of the sport.

7. Baseball Novelty Socks

Can’t you just picture your loved one wearing these hilarious Cavertin Men’s Novelty Dress Socks with Gift Box now? A funny gift that also makes a great stocking stuffer, these novelty socks offer a bonus “Do Not Disturb” message on the bottom of the wearer’s feet.

There’s nothing more perfect than a baseball gift they can wear to work! You can find the Cavertin socks on Amazon with a simple search.

8. Slate Coasters with Memorable Plays

These “GREATEST METS PLAYS” slate coasters are totally unforgettable and a must-buy for super fans. Available for all Major League teams, this set of four coasters highlights some of the greatest Mets plays of all time.

The coasters are a great conversation piece for guests, and they’re also perfect for bringing out a baseball fan’s nostalgic side. Do they agree these are really the team’s best plays of all time? There’s only one way to find out.

You can find these coasters on

9. Baseball Art Print by PigeonStudios

Who says sports and art can’t go together? PigeonStudios has a “History of the Baseball – Baseballs from all Eras” wall art that proves that theory dead wrong! This vintage wall art pictures baseballs from all eras and would make the perfect addition to your baseball lover’s home office.

The print is available in three sizes, and the shop is offering a special buy two, get one free discount. If you have multiple sports fans in your life, it’s a great opportunity to snag a gift they’ll all love.

You can find Pigeon Studios products on

10. Ballpark Passport

The official MLB ballpark passport is a must-have for diehard baseball fans. If (during a normal year) they love going to baseball games and experience the magic of the sport in-person, there’s no better way to drive excitement for being able to travel to all of the ballparks again.

The passport book features authentic league graphics and is a great way for fans to collect stamps for each park they visit. Is your loved one up to the challenge of visiting them all?

The Ballpark Passport can be found on

Which Baseball Gifts Will Make Your List?

There you have it! Our list of top 10 gifts for baseball lovers is complete. Whether your loved one is a new fan or has been watching for decades, there’s something that will make every baseball enthusiast smile this holiday season.

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