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10 of the Best Baseball Academy Programs

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It is all too common amongst countless professional athletes that they point to a trainer, coach, or someplace that made them who they are today. Support from communities and families are essential; however, some unique circumstances need special attention to push the athlete from good to amazing.

In other words, to be the best, you need to learn from the best. The best way to work with the best is from an academy where the learning environment is built around your goal. Different academies offer a variety of classes as well as various training facilities to bring out the best in every youth athlete.

Here are the top 10 youth baseball academies across the country you can consider.

  • Gatorball Academy

Located in Gainesville, Florida, and founded in 2006 by the University of Florida Baseball Alumni. Gatorball Academy offers students a conducive temperate climate where they can learn and train all year round. Gatorball Academy features world-class coaches that have both college and professional experience. So, whether you’re a beginner player interested in learning the fundamentals, or an advanced player ready to compete in top competition in the country, Gatorball Academy has the knowledge and experience to meet your needs. They offer you a whole range of services like a full-service baseball training program, baseball schools, camps, and private lessons.  Their fields are a few hours away from the numerous spring training facilities, D-1 universities, and minor league teams.

  • Georgia Baseball Academy (GBA)

Located in Woodstock, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. Founded in 2004, GBA has played an integral role in putting over 500+ players in college on scholarships, including 50+ players in MLB Draft. At the academy, coaches teach players how to become the best baseball players as well as additional facets of the game. GBA is one of the highly-rated academies with the best facilities in the region. Also, the Atlanta Braves plays an hour away from this academy; you can be sure that baseball legends will be on the grounds. GBA has a focus on teaching students’ proper motions and positions as well as how to practice so that they can maximize their efficiency and time.


  • Players Choice Academy (PCA)

Players Choice Academy is one of the most famous academies in the Southwest and located at 2806 Corporate Pkwy in Algonquin, in the city of Scottsdale, Arizona. PCA has an impressive list of alumni players who have trained in their fields, including Freddy Sanchez, Charles Brewer, Ismael Valdez, and John Webb. You can check out their world-class coaches’ bios so you can know who’s going to be training the athletes. The goal of PCA is to give opportunities to athletes who want to take their game to the next level.

  • Albuquerque Baseball Academy

Opened since 2003, Albuquerque Baseball Academy is an academy renowned for graduating over, 2 MLB first-round draft pick, 40 MLB Draftees, 165 Division 1 commitments, and 360 college signees. Located in 4101 Paseo Del Norte Albuquerque. Albuquerque Baseball Academy is the best choice for talented athletes in New Mexico. Albuquerque Baseball Academy has a success rate of 98% of placing students in professional baseball and collegiate. With the four programs Albuquerque Baseball Academy offers for player’s development at the core, you’d surely find one compatible with what you want to achieve.


  • The Yard Baseball Academy

Located in 5465 SW Western Ave, Suite H, Beaverton in Portland, Oregon. The Yard’s Baseball Academy features a large training facility of up to 5,600 Sq. Ft., which is entirely turfed and fully heated. At The Yard Baseball Academy, you can expect things like personalized student evaluation, hitting and catching classes, private lessons, amongst others. Its staff focus on keeping track of athlete improvements and performance and, at the same time integrating technology with personal coaching.

  • Colorado Baseball Academy

Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado Baseball Academy is one of the first few best academies that comes to the lips of any baseball athlete planning on going West. At Colorado Baseball Academy, the coaches strive to train the athlete in such a way that they are highly competitive to challenge. This college aims to develop athletes to attain a level where they can secure scholarships to college and become an athlete for life.


  • Champions Baseball Academy

Located in Cincinnati, Champions Baseball Academy (CBA) is one of the most popular academies in the Midwest with professional instructors. Every graduating athlete from this academy ends up having a competitive advantage. With their extensive skills, winter leagues, group lessons, optional later hours, and fundamental camps, we leave no athlete behind. It is this dedication and flexibility of the academy that sets them apart from others as a quality training facility.

  • Future Stars Baseball Academy Inc.

They are based in Mokena, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. Future Stars Baseball Academy has a mission of combining the fundamentals of baseball with metal and physical coaching to help young athletes succeed. They offer private lessons to students from grade 8 and older. Their training technique with multiple teams and top-notch training facilities makes learning pro baseball effective and conducive.


  • Diamond Dreams Baseball Academy

Located in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, Diamond Dreams Baseball Academy prides itself on being up-to-date on the latest training protocols and drills. This academy is all about coaching athletes as best as possible. Diamond Dreams Baseball Academy runs slow-motion analyzes of their students so they can identify their weaknesses and correct them with an effective drill. In the end, students from this academy come out being the best player to score in future games.

  • The Zone Baseball & Softball Academy

Based in Flanders, New Jersey, The Zone Baseball & Softball Academy is an academy committed to transforming youth athletes to reach their potential. They offer both travel and club teams, seasonal showcases, private lessons, amongst others. These flexibilities in the options they offer athletes is what makes them one of the best academy choices in the region. This academy is a great opportunity for students to learn from the best coaches.

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