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Top Teams in Each Division of MLB 2022

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MLB, or Major League Baseball, is a professional sports organization and the oldest league globally. As the league kicked off last April, 30 teams are now going toe to toe to have the best record in the season and secure spots for the playoffs.

Throughout the years, many teams have made history and won one or multiple World Series in their franchise marking their names in books as one of the greats. With the brutal series and competition now open again, top teams are slowly going into the limelight to show their potential to win the World Series.

To know who these teams are, here are the top teams of each division in MLB.

AL East

The top team in American League East is the New York Yankees, with a record of 64 wins and 28 losses, leading the team to have the best MLB odds of winning the World Series. With their incredible start this season and improvements from pitching framing to infield defense, they are on the verge of becoming the league’s greatest teams in MLB history.

The notable performances from various players such as Aaron Judge and  DJ LeMahieu helped the team become dominant and well-rounded compared to last season. Most baseball fans were shocked to see their dominance as they have significantly improved their whole game to another level.

NL East

For the NL East is the New York Mets. Currently, the team owns a record of 58 wins and 35 losses, making them the second-best team in the National League behind the Los Angeles Dodgers. Like their historic rival, the New York Yankees, the franchise has been revamped with their new active roster and paved the way to their recent success.

In addition, another part of their huge success and start this season is their rotation, where they have tossed 50.1 innings, six runs, and 59 strikeouts in their first ten games in the 2022 season. Also, with their key player Jacob deGrom out due to injury, they have been doing well with the outstanding performances of Tylor Megill, Chris Bassitt, and Carlos Carasco.

AL Central

For the central division in the American League, the leading team in the first spot is the Minnesota Twins, with a record of 50 wins and 44 losses. Even though some fans think they are winning through luck, their record shows they can be one of the contending teams for the World Series.

With Byron Buxton healthy this season from a knee injury, the odds of the Minnesota Twins winning the league can be possible. In addition, to the impressive batting average and home runs placing them in 6th and 7th overall, it shows that this team is more than luck but a threat to the league.

NL Central

Let’s now go to the National League, where the leading team is the Milwaukee Brewers, with a record of 50 wins and 43 losses in the league, ranking them 9th overall. With the impressive stat line on team home runs, this team placed 4th overall, hitting 124 HR this season. The World Series will be in their hands as long as this team continues to be healthy and keep up with their new rotation.

AL West

For the West Division, let’s first go to the American League, where it’s led by the Houston Astros with 59 wins and 32 losses, placing them 3rd overall in the league. This season, the team has put up interesting stats such as 128 home runs which are 3rd overall, an earned run average of 2.98, ranking 2nd overall.

When it comes to offense, the Astros have been doing a great job with the dominance of their rotation. With a strong start, the team is on its way to earning the best season in franchise history and has become a heavy favorite to win the division and world series.

NL West

The last and final division in the west of the National League is the Los Angeles Dodgers, with a record of 60 wins and 30 losses, making them the best team in the National League and 2nd best team overall. This year, the stat line of the Dodgers has become impressive again with 5th overall batting average, 117 home runs ranking 7th overall,  8th overall in stealing bases, and 1st overall earned run average.

Despite their shortcomings in the 2021 championship, this season shows they are not done with their conquest to seek a title. With their dominance over the National League, their odds of winning the World Series are within reach for reality.


Those are the top teams of each division of Major Baseball League 2022. With such impressive team statistics and records, you can assure that the upcoming playoffs this October will be a blast as the competition keeps getting higher. With the teams in their best shape this season, the title can go to anyone.

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